What's Included:
-9' x 6' built in, walk in cooler with Coolbot system.
-3 door black display cooler
-Shop Fixtures:

Front wood retail counter, wood design counter, deep basin sink with spray head, floral solution distribution system, 8+ short wood/metal shelving units, 5+ tall metal shelving units, 4 banquet tables 8', 2 tables 4-6', stools, trash cans, vintage cash register, file cabinet, 8' by 6' photo area with table, and more.
-Delivery Van:
2011 Dodge Grand Caravan
Mileage: 150,615
New Alternator
Seats lay completely flat
self opening and closing side doors
Includes delivery trays and foam vase holders

Large display items: vintage couch, glass door hutch, wooden bench, vintage wood drop leaf table, faux mantle, vintage wood dresser, 15+ assorted plant stands, jewelry display, vintage ladder, vintage metal crib, metal patio table, assorted wood chairs, drop leaf hutch, shopping cart, vintage metal wash basin tub.
Small display items: wood crates, metal buckets, glass vases, large glass matching jars, assorted galvanized French flower buckets, metal and wood bird cages, wood wagon wheels, assorted wood boxes, artificial floral and foliage seasonal garlands, logs/bark/moss and other natural elements, wreaths, vintage windows, frames, chalkboards, assorted fall decor and pumpkins, assorted valentines decor, assorted Christmas decor, 3 full sized Christmas trees, 6 pole Christmas trees, gnome tree, display quality artificial flowers for each season, draping fabric, table runners, blankets, and much more.

-Silk Flowers:
Large assortment of high quality assorted artificial flowers ready to be used for designing. Assorted everyday and seasonal garlands. Assorted dried floral accents.
400+ rolls of new and opened rolls of ribbon, including everyday, sympathy, holiday, corsage, wedding etc.
-Floral Paints:
20+ cans of floral specific spray paints. 20+ cans of assorted regular spray paint.
50+ flower buckets, remaining floral solutions(floral food, hydrating solution, sprays), floral bucket cleaner, remaining clear vases, assorted colored and seasonal vases, floral foam cages, mache containers, foam bases, assorted baskets, floral foam, foam sheets, easels, water tubes, cardette picks, floral wire, vase tape, foam tape, floral tape, wood picks, floral adhesive, corsage accents, decorative wire rolls, cellophane, tissue paper, foil, garden hose, cleaning towels, assorted cleaning supplies, extension cords, acrylic paint for windows.
clippers, knives, wire cutters, artificial stem cutters, scissors, hot glue pan, assorted maintenance tools, tool boxes, and more.
Silk floral arrangements
65+ women's fashion scarves
75+ assorted necklaces and earrings.
100+ headbands, scrunchies, hair scarves
100+ items of Bloom Bath Blends products
assorted candles
assorted holiday ornaments
assorted wood framed signs
assorted candles
gift basket supplies


Business Information:
-151K average sales over the last 3 years
(Including 2020 covid sales)
-2021 projected sales over 170K
-Sales include houseplants, fresh flowers, delivery, minimal gift items.

Most of our advertising is done by our loyal customers, word of mouth has been our main form of advertising. We have used Google and Facebook advertising for Valentine's Day and Mother's Day. Our everyday advertising includes; Movie Mill discount card, Facebook/Instagram posts, occasional giveaways and excellent service that customers tell others about.
There is immense potential for advertising improvement, meaning increased sales.

Many of my customers have been with me since I purchased the shop in 2012. I have gained many new customers and new accounts over the years. I have been able to gain new customers through holiday advertising, giveaways and word of mouth. Loyal customers are the backbone of this turn key business. Established, long term business customers who consistently order and pay by invoice.
Most of the year the shop can be run with a full time designer (which has been my role as the owner) with 2-3 part time employees. During busy holidays extra designers and delivery drivers are hired.

-Telephone Number:
Petal & Bloom has had the same phone number since Flowers by Lynda began over 20 years ago!
There is also a second phone line to pick up additional calls.

-Facebook Page:
Over 1300 page likes and followers
4.8 star rating

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-Instagram Account:
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-Google Listing:
4.8 star rating
Over 4,000 monthly impressions

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Same web address for 8 years
Online ordering 
Online contact
Photo galleries
(photos of designs not included)
Wide variety of designs brings new customers constantly
-Established Wholesale Accounts:
Positive, long term relationships with fresh floral, houseplant, gift, merchandise, containers and supply wholesalers.
-Established Logo

Building Information:
Petal & Bloom is located in the historic Eccles Bank building. The corner is a great location across from the public library, city hall and the post office. The business could be moved, however our customers love this location and retail area!
The building is full of charm with its large windows and fun display windows. The upstairs bank vault is used for storage and the downstairs vault has been insulated and turned into the walk in cooler. The Coolbot system allows for economical repairs if the need should arise. The shop location has great retail space as well as plenty of designing space and a designated office. The shop has lots of storage space and a large basement for holiday designing or extra work area.