A note from Kayla,
owner of Petal & Bloom:

It has been a great privilege and pleasure to own Petal & Bloom for nearly 9 years! This business has been the most fun adventure to learn and grown along with! I consider myself blessed to have been able to enjoy my career so much for so long. I am sad to sell Petal & Bloom, but the time is right for it to move on to its next amazing owner. 
You may be asking why I am selling something that I love so much. The answer is that I am getting married and moving a few hours away. I would love to keep the shop, but it's time for it's new owner to take over.
There is amazing amounts of potential for the next owner to run with! I have run this business the right way for me; through family struggles, having a child and bringing him to work with me everyday, vacations and taking time for myself. You can run this wonderful business in the right way for you! The potential is there and the sky is the limit!
I am very motivated to sell Petal & Bloom to the right owner for its next chapter. If you or someone you know would be amazing at serving our customers, please call me at (208)785-1821 for pricing and inquiries.
I hope to hear from you soon!